We're thrilled to announce Rabble's partnership with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh! As reported in The Incline, the new MUSICat collection will help the "library in its goal to support Pittsburgh’s creative community." 

Toby Greenwalt, the library's Director of Digital Strategy notes: “The library’s always been a step along the way for people to build out their creative urges, and we want to be able to showcase that, so hopefully it goes to inspire other folks to create. How can we use MUSICat to showcase all of the work that musicians are doing here in Pittsburgh? … The overall goal is to help our users advance their creative modes of expression.”

This Pittsburgh partnership is particularly special for Rabble's CEO: "For Hiser, a musician and Brookline resident who visits her neighborhood library weekly with her toddler, the project is deeply important to her as a way to make local music more accessible to the public, and she said musicians have responded favorably."

Check out the full article in The Incline here