At Rabble, we're super excited to begin a partnership with the Edmonton Public Library on the development of their digital local music project. The library has big plans for this project, which will include a crowd-sourced historical archive in addition to a collection of albums by contemporary musicians in Edmonton. 

The library's goal is to celebrate Edmonton's musicians as well as the community that supports them. The project came out of a larger thought experiment at the library to imagine what a digital public space means and could be. Creating a public online space for the community - and supporting Edmonton's musicians in the process - resonates with the library's community-led philosophy which aims to "strengthen neighborhoods and communities by creating connections and understanding needs."

At Rabble, we're looking forward to working with librarians, developers, musicians, and other community leaders in Edmonton to build tools that realize the library's goals for their project. Stay tuned for more information as we head toward a spring 2015 launch! 


Photo: A small concert at EPL by forester401 on flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0