MUSICat is an open source platform for creating local music collections. Rabble develops MUSICat in partnership with Public Libraries across North America. Together, we're building Digital Public Spaces that empower libraries and communities to share creative work online.

MUSICat is a new way to share local content online, with no-nonsense digital lending. It's fun and easy to use, with no holds, returns, or borrowing limits. Your library can collect and publish as much music as you want, whenever you want, under license terms you control. 

MUSICat is a relationship between libraries and Rabble. Facilitating regular conversations, Rabbles co-develops with librarians, incorporating feedback into the development process. Whether just getting started, or entering your third year of building a collection, Rabble is ready to support your library's needs.



MUSICat empowers your library to create local collections on your own terms. Using the platform, libraries license music directly from local artists.

MUSICat sites share streams, downloads, and information about local artists. MUSICat's extensive administrative functionality gives librarians, curators, and musicians tools to build a collection together.

MUSICat Chorus offers all the same possibility for libraries serving populations under 150,000. Affordably priced, with no upfront setup costs, MUSICat Chorus provides streams and downloads to library users and gives librarians and musicians an extensive digital toolkit for building a collection together.



MUSICat is a community engagement machine. When libraries launch their sites, they’re swamped by musicians, organizations, collectives, and businesses who want to get involved. MUSICat libraries are digital leaders and local music authorities. 

MUSICat helps foster sustainable artistic communities. When your library builds a MUSICat collection, you create a new revenue source for musicians, and help grow existing revenue streams (think concert attendance, music and merchandise sales) by expanding and strengthening local fan bases. 

Sound interesting? If you have questions, just want to chat about the platform, or want a free demo, drop us a line. We love to hear from libraries and are happy to answer any questions you may have.