MUSICat Chorus empowers a broader group of libraries to collect, share, and support local music. Affordably priced for libraries serving populations under 150,000, and with no upfront setup costs, MUSICat Chorus provides streams and downloads to library users and gives librarians and musicians an extensive digital toolkit for building a collection together.


Collect and publish as much music as you want, whenever you want, under license terms you control. Never worry about holds, returns, or borrowing limits. Build new relationships with individuals, cultural organizations, and businesses. Directly support local artistic communities through simple one-time licensing fees. Position your library as a digital leader and local music authority that other organizations in and beyond your community look to for inspiration.

Your MUSICat Chorus subscription includes: all media hosting and delivery, library card authentication integration, standard MARC record exports, an extensive set of administration tools to manage your site and collection, documentation and webinars, and direct technical support for your library team. 


A stable monthly or annual MUSICat subscription fee based on your library’s service population size. Prices start at $120 monthly ($1,440 annually) and range up to $480 monthly ($5,760 annually).

Libraries also pay licensing fees directly to local artists. Fees and collection size are set by libraries.



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