MUSICat Partners are Libraries that serve populations over 150,000 and want to help build the future of digital public sharing. Rabble works closely with Partner Libraries to create new features and improve existing interfaces. Our partners directly shape the future of MUSICat, ensuring the platform meets their needs and the needs of many other libraries. 


Collect and publish as much music as you want, whenever you want, under license terms you control. Never worry about holds, returns, or borrowing limits. Build new relationships with individuals, cultural organizations, and businesses. Directly support local artistic communities through simple one-time licensing fees. Position your library as a digital leader and local music authority that other organizations in and beyond your community look to for inspiration.

Rabble creates sites for Libraries Partners at custom or MUSICat domains. We integrate with whatever library card authentication process our partners wish and can provide customized MARC record exports. Partners have first access to new MUSICat features, and Partners directly influence which features and improvements we build. 


Set up MUSICat starting at $14,000 plus an annual subscription fee based on your library's population size.

Partner Libraries also pay licensing fees directly to their local artists. Fees and collection size are set by libraries.



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